Choose us for your

  • Systemic HR Solutions
  • Trustworthiness
  • Unbiased point of view,
  • Reliable
  • Justice
  • Ethical policies and employee training.

Assess/Evaluate Processes, Policy and Procedures and Develop Improvement Action Plans

  • We will review records, policies, processes, and procedures
  • HR Only Organization Assessment
  • Operational Procedure Assessment
  • Management/Supervisor Leadership Assessment (360 Feedback)
  • Conduct employee’s group sensing session and or personal meeting
  • Write a comprehensive, clear, and concise final report with a Plan of Action
  • Project Management: department(s), division(s) and Manager(s) Plan
  • Conduct a weekly meeting: project status, completions, and follow-up review
  • Assist with writing or rewrite of a policy and procedure (Legacy document)
  • Reorganization Action Plan (RAP) if needed.

Employee’s Training and Workshops

  • New Employee in-processing, orientation training
  • Employees Career Development and Mentoring Training Program
  • Career enhancement -Individual Development Plans (IDP)
  • Employee Comprehensive Knowledge Testing
  • Leadership and Management Development Training
  • Basic Oversight Auditors Training (B.O.A.T)- Internal review process (IRP)  
  • Employee Mandatory Ethic and Policy Training
  • Equal Employee Rights Training (Civil Rights Workshop)
  • Civil Rights Advisor Training (Workshop)
  • Develop Organizations Operations Process, Procedures and Policies
  • Conduct Management Request for Impropriate inquiries and investigations (MRI)
    • Fraud, Waste and Abuse inspections and Inquiries
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  • We works with Employees, Management, Union grievance, attorneys as well as experience as a Subject Matter Witness in court cases or company disputes.
  • We conduct fraud, waste and abuse inquiries and solutions or action plan to get resolution issues. 
  • Conduct Corporate Employee Work Environment Climate Surveys (ECWES)
  • Team building seminar, workshop, and sessions
  • Facilitation Skills Workshop
  • Develop, Write employees performance evaluation reports or Workshops
  • Assist with the writing: policy letters, rules and regulations- Interpret government regulations and Laws
  • Assist with development of employee’s HR Job/Position Descriptions
  • Develop Best Business Practices
  • Management/Supervisor Leadership Assessment (360 Feedback)
  • Receive and Process Employee Grievances and Employee Relations Complaints

Dispute Resolutions & Mediation Sessions

  • Develop Managers Quick Reference Handbook for Dispute Resolutions
  • New Employee’s Handbook and orientation training
  • Conduct Manager and Employees Mediations and interviews Sessions
  • Determine the Root Cause and provide a solution (action plan)
  • Teach and Training the Speak Easy Methods (SEM)
  • Conduct Upper Management Inquiries
  • Conduct department inspections for multiple complaints (surveys and sessions)
  • Other Human Resource (HR) related procedures and processes.